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Tupperwareness – Tupperware Party

by Simon on August 18, 2009

ShezFor those of you that don’t already know her, this is Sheryl aka Shez from the food blog One Bite More. She had kindly invited me as well as a small handful of food bloggers over to her place for a party. We’re not talking any old party here either…

boobiesOk, now that we have you attention…

Yes, that’s right. For those of you that didn’t pick up on it, Shez invited us to a tittyware party.

No, wait. Scratch that. I mean Tupperware party. You know…

tupperware display… like this stuff.

I’m sure you’ve seen it around. Heck, you may even own some. You ever wonder how it got into your kitchen? Well, it mostly likely due to a party such as this.

The marketing guys at Tupperware were quite smart. Enlist in some bored housewives, or ladies looking for a little extra cash. Organise a party with a group of people that they generally know in the confort of someone’s home with the lure of a social gathering, food and the potential to invest into some handy household products. Sell said products in a fun and interactive manner, reinforcing the party aspect whilst leveraging the influential power of personal endorsement.

I remember seeing Tupperware in my household as a toddler. Some of the products on display brought on a sense of nostalgia, bringing back fond memories of years when life was simpler, without the stresses and resposibilities of the present. Maybe that’s a part of the sales tactic too. Whatever the case may be, it works, as these products have been around for as long as I can remember (trust me, it’s a long time).

Ok, for those of you who are just here for the food (assuming I haven’t lost you by now), it’s towards the bottom portion of this post. Hang in there; we’ll get to it soon :)

MichelleThis is Michelle, our Tupperware party coordinator. I don’t know if that’s her official title, but it sounds better than “bored housewife” or “lady looking for a little extra cash”.

If you’re wondering why she’s looking a little nervous in the photo, it’s probably because she was not use to the attention and distraction of food bloggers taking flash photography of her during her product pitch and demonstration like she was some famous celebrity.

party kitEach partygoer (sounds weird in the context of Tupperware) was given a booklet and some initial play money. Involvement with the demonstation was rewarded with more play money, which could later be used during an auction of prizes that could be won.

I also had my PDA phone at the ready in case things were a little slow and I needed to find a distraction to pass the time.

michelle demoNot that I ever needed to, as the demonstration was quite interesting and engaging. We’d learned about the origins of Tupperware as well as the lifetime guarantee and what that entails.

I know, I know. It doesn’t sound all that exciting now. It’s one of those “you had to be there” moments. Trust me, plenty interesting :)

the one that got away...She even recounts stories of the one that got away. “I swear to you, the container was THIS BIG!”.

Ok, maybe not that story…

After the presentation, which pretty much amounts to the theory portion of the party, we get down and dirty with the practical exercise with something I like to refer to as “product reinforcement”.

  • Step 1. Tell them how good the products are.
  • Step 2. Reinforce that knowledge by showing them how good and effortless the product are to use.

It’s so easy even dad can…

tupperware-20090614---making-scones-2Ok, probably not the best way to introduce him but say hello to Shez’s dad.

Please don’t tell me you actually said “hello” out loud…

tupperware-20090614---making-scones-1Michelle runs through the recipe with Shez’s dad. Scones.

tupperware-20090614---making-scones-3Place ingredients into Tupperware product A. Use Tupperware product B to stir in and incorporate the mixture.

tupperware-20090614---making-scones-4Knead the mixture…

tupperware-20090614---making-scones-5… until it looks something like this.

I don’t believe Shez’s dad have ever made scones before but they turned out quite nice. Shame my pictures didn’t so you’ll have to use your imagination. However some of the other food photos turned out ok.

Thanks for persevering. Here’s what you’re really after, right? :)

tupperware-20090614---ham-and-brieHam, brie, seeded mustard on slices of baguette.

tupperware-20090614---gravlaxSmoked trout, cucumber, cream cheese and fish roe on baguette.

tupperware-20090614---tonkatsuTonkatsu sandwich, my contribution to the party food.

tupperware-20090614---cupcakesLemon ricotta cupcakes. Pretty…

tupperware-20090614---raspberry-tartWhat I refer to as the “left over” raspberry custard tarts. These were fantastic! When I told Shez how good these were, she said something along the lines of “well I used left over this and left over that. oh! left over this as well”…

tupperware-20090614---profiterolesMini profiteroles.

tupperware-20090614---peach-sliceSuze of chocolatesuze brought in a peach slice. It would be the very same slice that you may have seen if you’d read the post about the Miracle Frootie party post.

Well, not the exact same one…

tupperware-20090614---choc-biscuitsFinally, biscuits dipped in chocolate. If memory serves me well, crumbly and quite moreish.

tupperware-20090614---shez-+-dadThanks to Shez, her dad and the rest of the family for hosting the Tupperware party, as well as Michelle for what (to me at least) was a surprisingly interesting time.

Maybe I should give that baby shower thing a go…

If you’d like to host your own Tupperware party (there are fringe benefits for hosting one) or you’re interested in getting some Tupperware, drop my a direct message on twitter or send an email to simon_at_theheartoffood_dot_com.

the heart of cakes- erm I mean food...

Thanks for dropping by to the heart of cakes food. Until next time…

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