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the heart of food Turns 3

by Simon on February 10, 2012

Picture of cupcake with birthday candle

The first blog post published on the heart of food was on February 9, 2009. Though it’s only been a little over three years since the birth of this blog, it seems like an age ago in retrospect. It’s been a great three years of highs and lows, with lots of wonderful food experiences shared with some great people.

Looking back over your previous body of work can be a rather cringe-worthy experience; reading through clunky prose and viewing terrible photos that you would rather not have anyone see, or at the very least be generous enough in spirit to not let you know.

While it still stings, there are positive aspects of looking back that shouldn’t be overlooked or swept under the metaphorical rug. You see, for me it’s all about progression.

image grid of photos from various years at the heart of food

We all sucked at one stage. Perhaps I still do. I know that I often fall short of the bar that I set myself. However, the thing I find heartening about the process is the progress that is made. I view my blog as being very photo-centric in nature so the progression in quality matters to me, not just of the photos themselves but also how they serve the storytelling narrative of a given post.

The images above shows a snapshot sample of images from posts published in February of the years indicated. I can’t say that I’m proud to be associated with all of these photos, but I feel better knowing that I haven’t stagnated or regressed. It gives me a sense of optimism for the potential the future may hold.

photo montage from old travel blog

In the spirit of retrospection and of progression, here are a couple of random facts that you may not know about my blogging life:

“The Lone Foodie” was the original name for the blog – During the early concept and development stages of this blog, the working title was The Lone Foodie. The idea behind it was to have the food blog stylised in homage to the Silver Screen classic The Lone Ranger, complete with black and white photos and with references to movies and television shows throughout. It was also a play on the fact that, at the time, it seemed like I was the only person in my immediate social circle at the time that cared about food in any way; the lone foodie of the group so to speak.

There was one critical issue that I’d overlooked that made me scrap that idea – grey images of food tend not to look all that appetising. Whilst this concept for the blog was left on the cutting room floor in favour of what we have today, there are remnants that can be found in some of the posts from this blog, particularly some of the earlier ones.

the heart of food was not my first blog – the heart of food was not my first foray into blogging. Back in 2007, I started up a travel blog to inform friends and family of the various experiences during my month-long trip to Hong Kong & Japan. This blog, Simon Space (yes, I know…), was ground zero for not only my first steps into the world of blogging (assuming you don’t count Geocities) but also some of the most cringe-worthy material I’ve ever posted online.

photo montage of food photos from old travel blog

Yes, my photos were once that bad! Even back in those early days I was very much a food blogger at heart. Not a good one mind you, but as I said it’s all about the progression.

I hope that in years to come that I’ll be able to look back over the posts from this year and feel the same mix of cringe and optimism as I do now looking over my prior work.

As for the immediate future for the heart of food, there are two projects in the works that I’ll be looking to announce soon; a revamp of derelict one from the past and a new one, both of which will be announced soon.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to follow my various antics (not all food related) on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram (search for theheartoffood or view via Webstagram), Pinterest and via RSS.

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