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The Curse of the Black Pearl – La Paula

by Simon on March 12, 2009

A Chilean work colleague recently introduced me to empanadas from La Paula; parcels of wonderfully robust pastry encasing a hearty, savory filling. Oh so good! So the next time there was a lunch run to La Paula, I just had to get my hands on some of these gastronomic goodies.

Spot the reference? Kudos, as well as being a major geek! :P

Clockwise from the left, they are beef, chicken and cheese empanadas. The meat based ones are baked while the cheese one was fried.

I figure that if I’m going to be serious about food blogging, there will be one of those moments when sacrifices will need to be made for the good of the blog. This was my first one of those moments.

Ever had something that you’ve been really wanted to eat handed to you at its near prime? The gentle warmth and the seductive aroma, an alluring siren’s song; a curse on the senses beckoning-


Reluctantly, the empanada was placed back into its carry tray to await their ride home to their fame and my fortune. What a torturous afternoon and ride home that was! Next time I’m buying some for me as well as the blog.

Cross section of the chicken empanada.

The chicken empanada tasted pretty good. It had a subtle sweetness to it which was a little unusual at first but something I quickly warmed to. Encased within lies a hidden treasure of a single black olive, which provides a bold flavour contrast to the otherwise mellow filling.

Cross section of the beef empanada.

The beef empanada was by far and away the best of the lot. The succulent and robust meat filling worked so well with the bread-like pastry. The glistening black pearl of an olive, though once again distinct, offered its contrast with a sharp, vinegar flavour.

Unfortunately, no pictures of the cheese empanada. As these pictures were taken while they had gone cold (*sob*), I figure that the cross section of congealed cheese, no matter how nice it may have been, wouldn’t been all that appetising to see. Also, by the time I was done shooting the other two, I’d eaten most of my way through it’s smooth, cheesy, albeit congealed, goodness.

If I ever have the opportunity to visit La Paula, I’ll make sure to take some photos. To tide you over in the meantime, have a read over NQN’s account of the store and its fine wares.

La Paula
118 Gardeners Rd, Kingsford
(02) 9663 1041

Trading Hours
Thur – Sun: 9am – 4pm

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