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Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic 2010

by Simon on December 13, 2010

Food bloggers from around Sydney gather at the second annual Sydney Food Blogger’s Christmas Picnic, a social event organised by the high profile food bloggers from Grab Your Fork and Chocolatesuze.

Held at Centennial Park on a nigh-on-perfect summer’s day, it was an awesome afternoon of food, fun & Christmas present. 

Over sixty food bloggers descended onto Centennial Park with a plate of food in one hand and a secret santa/Kris Kringle present in the other.

The beautiful macaron tower was made by Cleony from I Eat Sweet. Awesome effort that I’m sure Adriano Zumbo would even be proud of.

As with all food blogger gatherings that I’ve ever attended, there’s a distinct bias towards the sweet dishes over savoury ones, like these simple but ultra cute strawberry santas by Ayana.

There were also “food blogger olympics”, with various challenges and a Kris Kringle game that went on for hours, or at least it felt it did.

Check out Helen’s account of the food blogger olympics and more at Grab Your Fork.

As the way these things always go, it was an awesome day of catching up with old friends, food, meeting some new ones, food, fun activities, food, presents and the obligatory group photo.

Oh, and food.

A big thanks to Helen & Suze for making this an even better Christmas picnic than last year, and to all the food bloggers in attendance for the great food!

Edit: Credit and thanks to StarLoz‘s dad for taking the group photo for us!

Feel free to check out the account of the inaugural Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic.

For any food bloggers wanting to get their hands on the group photo for their blog post, please feel free to download a copy of the photo above. No prior permission required.

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