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Image of a heart-shaped box of chocolate truffles on a cocoa power splattered surface.

If you’ve yet to hear about The Sweet Swap, it’s everything that’s right in this world. It’s about community. It’s about connecting with people and sharing. It’s about anticipation and surprises. It’s about raising some money for charity to do a little good in this world. It’s a Kris Kringle for confections.

It’s about sweets. Lots of sweets. Sweets lovingly prepared by food enthusiasts from around Australia. Sweets that come in all shapes and sizes. From the simple to the sublime. From the classics to the avant garde. No matter what it is, no matter where it comes from, it’s all good.

Read on for a recap of The Sweet Swap experience and a recipe for some amazing dark chocolate salted butterscotch truffles.

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Home Thai (Sussex St)

Photo of food at Home Thai

When it comes to lunch in the City of Sydney, we are absolutely spoilt for choice. Whatever your location in the city, budget or craving, there’s bound to be something that’s good and satisfying. There are plenty of old favourites to fall back on as well as new ones to uncover and explore.

However with so many options at our disposal, there are some that you forget about even though the experience may have been good. For me, Home Thai is one such place. [click to continue…]


Eric’s BBQ

Photo of a feast of Chinese dishes

For anyone with a keen interest in the pursuit of good food, Eric’s BBQ is a place you need know about. It’s not the best food you’ll ever have. The dishes aren’t skillfully prepared and artfully plated by a highly trained team lead by a Michelin-star chef. It’s not even situated in a trendy location with a multi-million dollar fit out.

In fact, upon arriving at the establishment, every instinct and preconception I had screamed at me to turn around, quietly exit the premises and call up my lunch date with some excuse that required me to be anywhere but not there. At best the food would be utterly disappointing. At worst… say hello to views of pristine waters and the rush of roaring cascades as you kneel and pay homage to the porcelain god.

However, I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised. I was absolutely flabbergasted how wrong my initial perceptions were.

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Why I Write?

I don’t consider myself to be a writer.

It’s probably an odd way to open a blog hop blog post about “Why I Write?”. Quite odd, given that I have a blog written in long form where the word count of a typical post averages in the high hundreds to low thousands. That is, when I do actually publish a blog post, which has become less frequent in recent years.

I don’t consider myself to be a writer because I don’t feel that I’m any good at it. I don’t feel comfortable with the medium. I don’t feel that a stream of words, sentences and paragraphs makes you a writer in the same way that owning and using a camera makes you a photographer. I feel bogged down by a self-imposed duty of responsibility I place upon myself and what I write. Writing is a source of anxiety and I struggle with it far more than I do with the photographic side of the blog.

And yet I write. This is why I write. [click to continue…]


Chic Pea @ Plunge


Photo of dinner at Chic Pea

The one thing I find most gratifying regarding my passion for food is the experience of sitting around a table with friends and loved ones sharing from common dishes of wonderful food. It’s central to many of the cuisines I love, from my native Korean to Middle Eastern food.

While Middle Eastern food in Sydney is generally a very casual affair, one veteran and well-respected Sydney food blogger has taken his knowledge and passion for his native cuisine and has opened Chic Pea – a restaurant with a modern and elegant take on Middle Eastern dishes while remaining respectful to its roots.

If you have a passion for good food and shared dining experiences, Chic Pea is the restaurant for you.

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Eat. Drink. Blog. 2013 – An Overview

Logos of Eat. Drink. Blog. from 2010-2013

Eat. Drink. Blog.

In much the same way that Eat. Drink. Blog. is more than a terse summation of our activities as food bloggers, the eponymous annual Australian food bloggers conference is more than a group of food enthusiasts discussing and learning about their passion for all things food related. It’s an affirmation of our talents, our passion, our diversity and our strength as a community; as eager to seek out and savour wonderful food experiences as we are to share our experiences, interests and knowledge with each other and the rest of the world.

This year, the fourth annual Australian food bloggers conference was hosted in Perth, one that I was honoured with the invitation to present a talk on food and mobile photography. It was a great event filled with good food, good presentations, great people and even a little contention and some vigorous debate.

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Photo of a panna cotta lamington bite

Good things come in small packages, so the saying goes. It holds very true for the inaugural Sweet Swap, an online event where food bloggers from around Australia are inspired to make sweet treats and post them to each other in the name of community, charity and good will to all.

After a couple of setbacks, the sweets that I’d ended up making are a devilishly decadent, yet sensibly portioned, bite-sized treat inspired by an iconic Sydney bakery.

Read on for details regarding the Sweet Swap experience and for the recipe for my Panna Cotta Lamington Bites. [click to continue…]