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Marrickville Pork Roll & The Yeeros Shop

by Simon on December 17, 2010

One can be spoilt for choice when it comes to inexpensive lunch options in Marrickville, especially along the legendary Illawarra Rd, where you can find a great bowl of pho, perhaps the best in Sydney.

However, what if you’re pressed for time and need to have lunch on the go? A bowl of noodle soup is hardly something that can easily be eaten as you travel to your next destination. Nor is it something that generally transports well.

A roll or roll-like device on the other hand is the perfect vehicle for this situation, and there are two great places along Illawarra Rd where you can get some.

Marrickville Pork Roll sells, and is well known for, well, their pork rolls. The irrepressible Banh Mi, as it’s known in Vietnamese, is an icon as far as sandwiches and rolls goes, with some people known to travel some distance in order to get their hands on some of the best.

Well, at least I have.

Every lunch, there is always a queue that extends out of the store onto the street, making it look very popular. To be fair, the store is so tiny that if there are any more than two people in queue, the line cannot do anything but spill out onto the street.

Pork Roll ($3.50) is ridiculously cheap for what you get. I’ve had lesser sandwiches that have cost me twice as much and have left me half as satisfied.

The pork roll is jam packed full of varying flavours and textures to compliment the pork. From pate, pickled carrots, cucumber, onions, coriander, green shallot, chilli (if requested), & a mysterious secret gravy sauce that adds a richness to the roll.

The Chicken Roll ($4.00), the opening image of this post, tastes much like the pork version, right down to texture and mouth feel. No surprise since, aside from the meat substitution, the roll is given the exact same treatment.

Because of this, the chicken kind of gets lost in amongst all the other flavours, which is a bit of a let down. If you’re after a better example of a chicken roll where the chicken is the hero, the iconic Hong Ha in Mascot would be the place to go in my opinion.

If you after something more substantial (read: more meaty), I’d look no further than a lamb yeeros from the unimaginatively self descriptive The Yeeros Shop.

What is it with these names…

Though they also sell the chicken and beef variants, for me the Lamb Yeeros ($8.50), with its juicy & tender lamb chunks,  is the ultimate.

Likewise, there are many sauce options and sauce combinations. However, one thing I’d picked up from the locals is the best and perhaps only way to have it is with tzatziki & chilli sauce.

It’s the perfect combo the way I see it. The chilli adds some flavour and a bit of a spicy kick. The tzatziki acts as a moderator; cutting through the richness of the lamb with its acidity, whilst tempering the heap from the chilli at the same time.

If you ask for this combination up front, don’t be surprised if you get a nod of respect from the person behind the counter.

If yeeros is your thing, then there is also Victoria Yeeros which, surprise  surprise, is located on Victoria Rd, Marrickville. They sell some respectable yeeros there. However, my money will always be on the lamb yeeros above.

Though I’m sure that there are other fine food options for those on the go, these are two that I would recommend and would frequent more often were I living/working in the area.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions for other great lunch-on-the-go destinations in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you.

Marrickville Pork Roll
36a Illawarra Rd, Marrickville
0431 724 086

View the heart of food: map

The Yeeros Shop
431 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville
(02) 9559 1167

the heart of food: map

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