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About the heart of food

the heart of food is a food & lifestyle blog based in Sydney, Australia. It’s a photographic exploration of one man’s love and passion for all things to do with food and food culture in Sydney and abroad. Seeking out the heart of what makes food great and sharing it with the world.

What you’ll find at the heart of food are restaurant dining experiences, lifestyle activities (though mostly centred around food culture), recipes and some travel experiences.

About the Author

The author & photographer for the heart of food is Simon Park, an IT professional and part-time freelance photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

A life-long love of food and food culture, as well as being introduced to photography at an early age, it wasn’t until few years ago that these two passions had come together as a single, unified hobby.

Regarding photography, though primarily interested in it as a hobby rather than a career, Simon has been involved with a number of commercial and private projects. This includes the high profile SMH Shoot the Chef competition for 2010, taking on the role of photographic assistant for the finalist photo of a kick boxer kicking the stuffing out of a layer cake.

Interests outside of food, food culture and photography include social networking, many areas of IT, technology, science, as well as the movie and the television industry.

Copyright & Disclosure

All posts on the heart of food, unless otherwise stated, are the original works and opinions of the blogger as an amateur photographer, home cook and food enthusiast. I make no claims of expertise over anything other than my own opinions and experiences.

Unless otherwise stated, all original works on the heart of food, including all written work, photographs, videos and graphic art are subject to copyright with all rights reserved. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to seek permission use or reproduce any of the materials on this blog.

All personal opinions & experiences expressed in the blog are honest accounts, regardless of whether the experiences were good or bad, or whether they were at the courtesy of, or sponsored by, a restaurant, PR Agency or some other commercial entity. When opinions are expressed that may be viewed as negative or critical, they will be addressed in a manner with the intention to be fair, constructive and informative.

Disclosure of any financial compensation or special relationships will be given where and when its applicable.