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A Taste of Sweden – IKEA Food Blogger Event [2 of 2]

With the pre-event drinks, talk on Swedish food, entree photoshoot and frying pan presentation out of the way (see Taste of Sweden – IKEA Food Blogger Event [1 of 2]), we move onto the eating.

My entree tasting selection consisted of (clockwise from the top-left):

(Swedish shrimp), boiled egg, lettuce leaf and mayo served on bread and topped with a cucumber garnish
– Taste was ok but flimsy bread made it hard to eat with the hands.

Pickled herring
Dillsill variety, if I’m not mistaken), on boiled egg and knäckebröd råg (round crisp bread made from rye) with a dill garnish – Tasted fine initially but had a slight fishy aftertaste that I wasn’t too fond of. I’d have it again if offered but wouldn’t actively seek it.

Swedish caviar rolls with röd caviar (red Swedish caviar), onion and creme fraiche wrapped up in mjukt tunnbröd (soft thin bread) – This one was probably my favourite. Soft and deliciously creamy. Yum! :)

Gravlax (raw salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill), with sweet mustard and dill on bread – The gravlax, moist with the right amount of seasoning paired well with the other ingredients. Another good one :)

A shot of other people’s tasting selections, along with elderflower, lingonberry and pear cider drinks (left to right). Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to taste the Kalles Kaviar entree (squiggly one on the middle plate).

Kalles Kaviar (a cod roe paste) was liken to Vegemite and I could see the resemblance. It’s salty, often consumed at breakfast and, so I’ve been told, can be somewhat of an acquired taste.

I’m intrigued. I’ll have to give it a go at some stage :)

FFichiban‘s plate of the various herring preparations offered on the herring tasting platter.

Once we were done with our entrees, our friendly host and event organiser Dave handed out free meal cards. With card in hand, we made out way to the cafeteria to select out meals.

Predictably, most people went for the Swedish meatballs, served with cream sauce, lingonberry jam and your choice of mash or fries. I’ve had the meatballs before and they’re great. However, I felt like something different and went for the heart shaped chicken schnitzel.

Unfortunately for me, the person serving my schnitzel was somewhat careless and heavy handed and broke it down the middle while he was plating it.

the broken heart of food *sob*

Ok, so this shot is a little dramatised… :)

I also found out that I’d missed out on gravy too! Oh, the humanity! Oh, the melodrama…

Getting back to reality, the chicken schnitzel was nice for IKEA‘s asking price of $3.95 as an afternoon special. The bread coating was nice and crispy and the chicken was a sizable portion. With chips (and gravy *grumble*) rounding off the meal, it’s a pretty good deal. Even better that it was for free :)

With the main out of the way, thoughts of dessert came to mind…

The princess cake (Prinsesstårta in Swedish) was a cake made for the princesses of the royal family, well so I was told. The cake consists of a sponge base, jam filling and cream enveloped in green marzipan. It was soft and delicate (as I would imagine a princess should be) but a little too sweet for my liking.

The other desserts on offer were the delicato ball (outer rim) and the punch rolls (centre).

The punch roll (Punschrulle) is made up of a mixture of cookie crumbs, butter and cacao flavoured with punsch liqueur, which is where the roll gets its name from. This is then coated in green marzipan and the ends dipped in chocolate.

The punch roll in Sweden is also referred to as dammsugare (vaccuum cleaner). This is due not only to the way in which the roll looks (see the resemblance) but supposedly also due to pastry chefs gathering up the crumbs of cookies made that day for the filling in these rolls.

The punch rolls have a nice flavour to them with the punsch liquor, flavoured with arrack (alcohol of South Asian origin), coming through strongly. An adult dessert for sure.

A shot of the cross section shot of the punch roll.

The delicato ball (named after the company that makes them), is a chocolate/coffee flavoured ball with a coconut coating. These balls are also known as chokladboll (chocolate ball) or the now out of favour and un-P.C. traditional name of negerball (negro ball).

When I see these chocolately balls, I can’t help but think of Chef from South Park’s chocolate salty balls.

“Ooh, suck on my chocolate n-“.

No, changed my mind. Not going there…

The chocolate/coffee flavour combination is nice but I’m not a fan of the grainy texture.

A classic knife shot of chocolatesuze holding her princess cake dessert.

After dessert, we end up the night with gift bags from IKEA and the announcement of the lucky door prize. Billy came away the winner of the door prize, which was a nice, large IKEA pot (365+ range if I’m not mistaken) and some kitchen utensils.

Back biatches! Hyah!

Billy fending off the food bloggers-turned-paparazzi and anyone looking to take his lucky door prize off him out of jealousy. hehe :)

With a wonderful and interesting event come to a close, we may our way down the the IKEA Food section near the exit.

For anyone that was wondering where you can get some of the Swedish delights, from drinks to desserts, this is the place for it. I believe the only thing you can’t get here is the eggs and the fresh dill but everything else, and I mean everything else and then some, can be found here.

The Swedish meatball station, where for $13.40 (at the time of the post) you can make whip up your very own batch of Swedish meatballs with accompaniments. Bargain! :)

It’s hard to make out but on the far right you can also find frozen mash potatoes in the freezer section. Attention to detail. I like it :)

The lingonberry jam for the Swedish meatball, and I’m sure for other applications as well.

knäckebröd råg crisp bread.

The deceptively brie cheese looking knäckebröd crisp bread.

BAM! The striking packaging of the Daim chocolate/caramel candy 3 pack. Very, very moreish.

Flädersaft and Lingonsaft, elderflower and ligonberry drink concentrates respectively. Make your own mead of poetry at home :)

The evening ends with almond Daim cake (from IKEA) and ice cream at chocolatesuze‘s pad. A great way to cap off a great evening of food :)

Thanks heaps to Dave and the rest of the IKEA staff at the Taste of Sweden event for the wonderful introduction into Swedish cuisine beyond the meatball :)

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  • Simon Food Favourites May 6, 2009, 6:45 am

    yum. the entree tasting selection looks very fresh and very swedish indeed.
    s :-)

  • FFichiban May 6, 2009, 11:50 am

    HAHAHA at Chef from SP.. and yeah… I want DAIM cake X(

  • Iron Chef Shellie May 6, 2009, 12:42 pm

    Punch rolls are my favorite!
    I’m really craving a trip to IKEA now!! damn it!

  • Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella May 6, 2009, 10:22 pm

    I love open face sandwiches which they seem to do a lot in Nordic-lands. Princess cake and punch rolls are another favourite-I’ve bought so many from Ikea!

  • Belle@Ooh, Look May 6, 2009, 11:58 pm

    I [heart} how your heart logo matches the broken-hearted schnitzel.

  • Simon May 7, 2009, 9:03 pm

    Hi Simon! They were very nice, very Swedish and interestingly enough, the ingredients for you to make this at home yourself are pretty much all available from the IKEA food store. Maybe some ideas for your next party? :)

    Hi FFichiban! Glad you found it funny :) The cake was good but there’ll always be another opportunity for Daim cake, even if you have to make that opportunity yourself :P

    Hi Iron Chef Shellie! The punch rolls were real nice and probably my favourite of the night.

    Hi Lorraine! Open faced sandwiches are great as you can enjoy a higher ratio of topping to bread.

    I’ve never had the princess cake and punch rolls before but now that I have, I may start developing a craving for them… :)

    Hi Belle! I <3 that you <3 the matching </3 watermark with the </3 of schnitzel. :)

    I'm glad that someone picked up on it and bothered to comment on it :)

  • Arwen from Hoglet K May 7, 2009, 11:20 pm

    My dad had an old vacuum cleaner in the garage that was the same shape as those punch rolls.

  • Simon May 9, 2009, 12:11 am

    Hi Arwen!

    I own a vaccuum that has a similar shape, though not with the retro feel that the punch rolls make out :)

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